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Getting the kitchen of your dreams doesn’t have to be expensive and painful.  Contact us today and we could have you a new kitchen your home in 3 weeks or less! 

No Money Down

We pride ourselves with our work and do not want the homeowner to worry about putting any money down. You pay us when the job is complete. This can give you peace of mind, and in turn means, we're more accountable and ensures our team performs efficiently to complete your project in a timely manner.

Fast Turnaround

Dedicated Teams and Projected Managers will ensure a speedy transition. It is never fun having contractors in your home. Home Hero has a dedicated team to ensure a timely completion. We can complete your Kitchen in as little as three weeks and your Bathroom in two!

100% Satisfaction

Our Field Supervisors meet with you and your family to develop a plan based on your needs and budget. We pride ourselves in quality which is why our work is warrantied.

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Get the Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Country Kitchen or Modern?  You choose.   We can build you custom cabinets or use pre-fabricated ones, quartz or granite.  The only thing that we’re limited by is your imagination (and budget). 

Top Rated In Kitchen Remodeling in Atlanta

Home Hero has helped hundred of Atlanta families get back to enjoying their home. 

Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Process With Home Hero

From the moment you contact us, we’re engaged in creating the perfect kitchen remodeling experience.   We meet with you on your schedule, measure and estimate everything for you based on what you want.   Our designer can help you pick out materials or we can simply match what you’ve seen on TV or the internet. From there we order the materials and get started and get you into your new kitchen within 3 weeks or less.  Notice: you didn’t read anything about a deposit.   That’s because we don’t take a deposit on your kitchen!  That’s right, no deposit or draws.  Just pay upon completion.

Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling FAQ

How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost?

A kitchen should cost up to 25% of the value of your home.  The conventional wisdom here, is that the kitchen (and the master suite) sell your home in the future. For example, if you live in a $250,000 home, it’s not unheard of to spend $50,000 on a total kitchen renovation.   Updating your kitchen might very well be your best investment.   Home Hero does kitchen renovations in Atlanta of all prices.

Can I Get A Kitchen Remodeling Quote Over The Phone?

No.   Our professionals have to account for things that aren’t just visible, like plumbing and electrical wiring.  By measuring everything upfront, we’re able to avoid mistakes in the future that might delay the process or worse, increase the cost.

How Can I Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel? 

Home Hero will take care of the big stuff, but right before we start we could use your help by… 

  • Remove anything on the wall in the working area.   Pictures, wall mounted light fixtures.  
  • Empty your drawers, and cabinets (if we’re replacing them). 
  • Clean your counter tops off. 
  • Try to remove as much as possible from the kitchen renovation area.   
  • Remove items, fixtures, furniture that might be near the kitchen (like breakfast table or bar furniture) that still might get in the way of the Home Hero Team.

Your Home Hero professional will give you more details when they are there. 

Home Hero has been in Atlanta doing renovations, remodeling and remediation for over 10 years.  Our reviews speak for themselves, but we’re one of the only construction teams that will start work on your home without a deposit and finish in 3 weeks or less. 

It’s simple!   You can apply here and choose from a variety of programs including no payments, or no interest options (for a set period of time). 

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